Our stunning range of natural stone marble surfaces will delight you with their elegance and striking, unique colours.

A marble worktop creates a huge statement and you can even use it on walls and floors, giving you a very versatile material to create a unique, high-end look in your kitchen, bathroom, office or retail design.

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About Marble:

Marble is is perfect for a wide variety of aesthetic applications thanks to its many colours, shades and natural maze of lines. It’s a metamorphic rock most commonly composed of calcite or dolomite. Marble also refers to unmetamorphosed limestone and is widely used in construction because it’s both strong, easy to sculpt and it looks really great!

Marble Colours:

Marble is available in an extensive range of colours from white to yellow, to green, to red, blue and grey/black. Each marble shade is the result of that unique material’s battle with the elements and environment over time:

Marble Finishes:

Our marble worktops & splashbacks are available in the following beautiful finishes:

  • Polished: Strong, glossy colours. The natural veins and structure are brought to the fore.
  • Sensato: a softer, more rustic finish.
  • Letano: a softly brushed, rolling surface accentuating the stone’s natural colours.

Marble Applications:

Marble is very easy to sculpt and is often used in the construction industry: as floors, in staircases, mantelpieces, etc. We most commonly use it for worktops & splashbacks.

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