Top 6 Marble Colours Around The World

Top 6 Marble Colours Around The World


Calacatta is a very popular choice of marble, it’s dug from the Carrara quarries in Italy. As Calacatta is quite rare, its described as a luxury stone.

Its typically white with dark grey veining, throughout the stone. There are many variations of this type of marble such as:

Calacatta Gold

This version of Calacatta is more rich in colour in comparison to the ‘typical’ white marble. Its to some degree warmer in tone, but not dark, however it still has the dark grey veining throughout.

Calacatta Oro

This version of Calacatta is a whitish-beige colour, with warm brown veining throughout the stone.

Calacatta Fantasia

This is an off-white marble, which is very similar to the original/ classic Calacatta, however the veining throughout the marble is very dark in colour.

Calacatta Grey

This is a greyish-white marble, with subtle light brown veining running throughout.

Calacatta Vagli

This type of Calacatta has a well defined look to it, its medium brown in colour with large sections darted around the stone, where its lighter in colour.

Calacatta Vagli Rosata

This is a light brown & off-white marble with sections of dark brown and black around/ within the stone.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble, just like the Calacatta, is quarried in the Carrara region of Italy, hence why many people get the two marbles confused. However Carrara Marble is usually white, grey or has a bluish undertone to it, and the veining is much lighter and less defined than the Calacatta marble.

Carrara marble can be light and feathery, or more dense and strong. Carrara marble is more widely available, compared to Calacatta. As Carrara Marble is so pristine white in colour, many people choose to use it in bathrooms, as it brings a bright & clean feel to any room.

The most common type of Carrara Marble is Bianco Carrara, but there are other sub-types of this stone below –

Bianco Carrara Venato

This marble is bright white in colour, with dark brown or black veining throughout- making it a very unique type of carrara stone.

Bianco Carrara Exra

This type of Carrara is a light off-white in colour with light brown veining throughout.

Milan Gray

Milan Gray marble is quarried in the Milan region of Italy. It’s a muted grey colour with light grey veining.

As this marble has a more uniformed and geometric design to it, its great to use when trying to achieve  a contemporary or modern look. It has a graceful matte finish and can be used anywhere in your home. The most popular option is using the Milan Gray as a tiled backsplash in showers.

Dark Emperador

Dark Emperador Marble

Dark Emperador marble is quarried in 3 different regions in Spain, it has many hues but dark emperador is the most popular. its a deep chocolate brown marble, with fine grains and random veining throughout. This marble can create a homey environment to any household, and is usually used for floors or fireplaces.


Black Marble 

The most popular type of black marble is Nero Marquina, which is quarried in Spain. Its deep in colour with complimentary white or grey veining running throughout. Due to its chic appearance black marble is used in many modern homes in kitchens and fireplaces.


Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil is quarried in spain, and comes in multiple different colour options. This marble is typically known for being a creamy yellow colour, with varied gradients of veining.

This stone is best accompanied by warm toned tiles, and natural accents in homes. It works extremely elegantly when paired with wood. Due to its natural aesthetic, people use Crema Marfil marble in outdoor home invitations




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Why Dekton?

Why Dekton?

Dekton is an innovative engineered stone surface ideal for use in cladding, floor coverings, ventilated facades & kitchen countertops.

Dekton is available in a range of beautiful colours and thanks to its size and lightness ( size up to 320 x 144 cm ) the possibilities for new designs in kitchens, bathrooms, facades, walls or high-traffic flooring are endless.

Ultra-compaction is responsible for the material’s mechanical properties. This level of compaction contributes significantly to the material’s low porosity, making it a low-maintenance, long-life product. Everything about Dekton is extraordinary:

What’s so special about Dekton?

Read on to find out what makes Dekton such a great choice for internal and external projects:

Waterproof :

Dekton is highly resistant to water damage, due to the ultra-compaction its so well known for. The level of compaction adds to the minerals’ low porosity, making Dekton low maintenance and very hygienic.


Dekton is a non-porous stone, meaning it never needs to be sealed. The ultra- compaction allows the stone to naturally prevent liquids & gasses from seeping into the surface.

UV Resistance: 

Dekton is highly resistant to uv (ultra violet) rays, and wont fade or degrade over time, meaning its perfect for both indoor and outdoor renovations.

Stain Resistance:

Not only is Dekton stain resistant, its completely stain proof! Even tough stains like coffee, wine, rust and markers can be easily removed. As Dekton contains no resin and is non- porous its also chemically resistant.

Fire & Heat Resistance:

Dekton has a very tolerant resistance to high temperatures and is made from non-combustible material so it can withstand extreme heat without burning, scorching or cracking. Hot pans can be placed directly onto the surface without damaging it.

Abrasion Resistance:
Dekton is more abrasion-resistant than granite, making it perfect for commercial/ high traffic areas (flooring). Other surfaces show dulling and wear overtime,  but Dekton’s finish lasts the whole life of the product and wont need re-finishing or re-surfacing.

Resistance to Ice G – Thawing:

Dekton is thermal shock proof, from both extreme heat and cold.

Mechanical Resistance: 

As Dekton has 5x the flexural strength of granite, it can be installed in thinner material over greater spans. Dekton’s high compressed strength makes it ideal for driveways, walkways and pavements.

Dimensional Stability:

Dekton allows for easy installation due to its very consistent dimension & thickness throughout the slab. which also reduces the need for field corrections.

Enquire about Dekton

For more information on Dekton, please fill out the quick form below:

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We Are Elite Cosentino Fabricators

We Are Elite Cosentino Fabricators

As passionate professionals with a commitment to delivering the highest quality products and installation services possible, we are delighted to announce that Cosentino, a leading stone, quartz & engineered surface supplier globally has recognised Marble & Granite Designs as an Elite fabricator. Continue reading →

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Unistone – New Colours

Unistone – New Colours

New colours available from Unistone, providing even more choice and beauty to an already brimming collection. These stunning surfaces will look right at home in any modern, minimalist or contemporary kitchen and bathroom, with enough punch and variety to add contrast and balance to any space, wherever it’s required. Continue reading →

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Easter Opening Hours 2019

Easter Opening Hours 2019

Easter opening hours at Marble & Granite Designs

Easter Opening Hours

Thursday 18th April: 8am – 2pm
Good Friday 19th April: CLOSED
Saturday 20th April: CLOSED
Sunday 21st April: CLOSED
Bank Holiday Monday 22nd April: CLOSED
Tuesday 23rd April: 8am – 4pm

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Silestone N-Boost

Silestone N-Boost

Silestone N-BOOST is a  revolutionary technology that prevents the adhesion of liquids, enhances shine and intensifies the colour of their solid surfaces.


The hydro-repellent properties of new Silestone N-BOOST prevents the absorption of everyday kitchen liquids. The new Silestone technology makes for easier cleaning and stain removal, even days after the spillage.


Silestone N-BOOST surfaces now shine more brilliantly than ever. N-BOOST creates a more even surface, causing light to reflect off it more intensely.

N-Boost Shine


Thanks to Silestone N-BOOST technology, colours are more authentic and intense.


N-Boost vivid colours

Enquire about Silestone N-BOOST

For more information on the range of colours available in the Silestone N-BOOST range, please fill out the quick form below:

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11 Special Offers on Silestone Products

11 Special Offers on Silestone Products

Marble & Granite are delighted to announce we’ve secured special offers on a range of 11 beautiful Silestone products, available for quotation on your project from today.

View all…

Indisputable leader in countertops for 25 years, Silestone is made of more than 90% of natural quartz which means it possesses strength in its surfaces, providing outstanding resistance and durability properties that you need in your home. These characteristics provide the best option not only for your kitchen but also in bathroom, floors and cladding. Discover its colors, textures and formats with the minimum number of joints but the highest warranty of hygiene and easy maintenance.

Silestone special offers are available in 12mm, 20mm or 30mm thicknesses, priced to please even the most budget conscious buyer. From clean whites to deep greys, our range of Silestone special offers gives you a range of exceptionally stylish & desirable products at incredible prices.

White Arabesque

White Arabesque Silestone

Royal Reef

Royal Reef Silestone


Niebla Silestone

View all…

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Hotel Projects.


Terminal 4 Holiday inn Express and Crowne Plaza

Terminal 4 was a breathtaking hotel with it being 750 rooms, we have installed, Brown Antique and River White. Below is a couple of videos of the hotel.


Terminal two, Hilton Heathrow.

After taking part in one of the biggest hotels exceeding 750 rooms, we have transitioned to Terminal 2 The Hilton. Terminal 2 is nearly complete following a very successful build and successful installation of all the granite, in this hotel the granite choice this hotel was again the beauty of Brown Antique Granite with all the luggage racks being in River White Granite.

Below is a short walk around of the Hilton Hotel at Terminal 2.

Savill Court Spa and Hotel.

From the hotels in Heathrow we have moved 7.3 Miles down the road to Windsor at Savill Court Spa and Hotel. This Hotel will consist of 250 rooms its destination within Windsor is a big attraction only being 4.7 miles from the Royal Windsor Castle.




Above is a short video of what this prestigious hotel is going to be looking like.



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Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

Here at Marble and Granite Designs, we have been involved in a project too help build a new hotel in the biggest airport in Europe at Heathrow. Within the hotel there is two sides, Holiday Inn Express (HIX) and Crowne Plazza (CP).


This hotel consists of Creama Unimarble from Brachot and the beautiful Natural granite Antique Brown in the bathrooms along side River White in the hotel rooms.


The Holiday Inn Express has the Creama Unimarble.

This Material was used for Vanaties and Thresholds for the bathrooms. The vanaties have been mitered to give a clean, crisp look with a minimal visible joint line.


Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 1
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 2
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 3
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 4
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 5
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The Crowne Plaza rooms are fitted with the beautiful natural beauty of Antique Brown Vanaties, thresholds, floor tiles, shower plinths and towel holders.


Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 6
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 7
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 8
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 9
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 10
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 11
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 12
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 13
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 14
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 15
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Also within these rooms we have fabricated the natural stone called River White for the luggage racks, bedside boxes as well as the dresser tops.


Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 16
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 17
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 18
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 19
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These colours, in this hotel adds beauty but simplicity. These colours allow the rooms to enable each room to have it’s own individuality with a different part of the stone which makes the granite so special and so unique.
With this project coming to an end we have used 250 tonne of Natural and Reconstituted stone for Vanity tops, Floor tiles, Bedside boxes, Luggage racks, bath panels, cistern panels and shower plinths.
Following on from this we have accepted the new contract to help build another hotel in Heathrow due to start in October 2018.
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